Just a Regular Sunday

Sunday, December 3, I decided to not attend church and instead went to Starbucks to blog and catch up on some reading. They have this new drink called the Sugar Cookie almond milk latte. I reduce the four pumps of sugar cookie syrup for the grande to two pumps of sugar cookie and its delicious! I make this work for me in my pursuit of a healthier lifestyle. On my drive there, I was wondering if there would be enough tables to sit down because some of the Starbucks are changing, and looks as if, its not intended for folks to stay awhile.

Coffeehouse Kinda Day

The music reminded me of something I would hear at a bar or a club. It was fast tempo, blaring, and not conducive to holding a conversation over a cup of coffee. If it were not for the abundance of Starbucks gift cards, I would patron some other place. I proceeded to ask the barista who was cleaning if she could please turn the music down. She said, “after I finish sweeping.” I said, thank you. Of course, after she finished sweeping the entire store, it was still blaring loud. Reminded me of Dutch Brothers, but that is their culture. Don’t get me wrong, I love September by Earth, Wind, and Fire. I waited 20 minutes and after the crowd left to ask again. She stated, she mentioned it to the manager. The manager told her that some of the songs are louder than others. That was the solution, I guess….ookay. Thank God for my AirPods, its helped to cancel out some of the loudness for me. Another reminder, I am legitimately getting older. Loud noise go away.

I finished my drink and go back up to the cashier and request a water, then asked about the refill on drip coffee to see if that still existed. It does still exist —yay! The barista was really kind. Natomas Crossing Starbucks continues to serve up a decent portion of customer service, that many other stores lack. By the way, did you know Starbucks stop brewing the Blonde Roast after 11:00 a.m.? Its my favorite! I had no clue.

As I was enjoying my drink, I noticed two mothers with their babies in strollers. I was checking out these new strollers and the earth tone color schemes they fashioned their babies/strollers. What a stark difference from when I was a mother in the 90s. We had loud bulky strollers. They were standing next to me waiting for their drinks. I overheard their conversation because they were standing right next to me, so it was difficult to not listen. They talked about their woes of being a new mom, trifling family members, and fussy babies —haaa, can totally relate! I was impressed that they made time for self care — to exercise outside and be with friends during postpartum — so important. I felt a sense of sadness wash over me as I was listening to their trials. I am now nearing the end of the childbearing stage of life and seeing young mamas with their babies, reminded me I am aging. I gently reminded myself that motherhood is not over for me, but just looks different because my children are older now. I also reminded myself, this is not something I should feel sad about. I should be thankful for those memories of being a young mama toting my babies everywhere and appreciate that I am still living to see my children age, and that they are here to see me age as well. Its all about the reframe for me.

My delight,


Aging is not lost youth, but a new stage of opportunity and strength – Betty Friedan

Sunday is my Day of Rest & Worship

There is so much value in identifying a day of rest and doing your best to honor that sacred time. Find it, reclaim it, and set aside dedicated space to allow God to replenish, renew, and strengthen your spirit. Each person has a Spirit inside their body. Resetting is crucial for health and well-being. This practice helps us to be better humans to others in our home with loved ones, in our relationships with friends, and even in workplace settings with colleagues and staff.

  1. Schedule
  2. Practice
  3. Do not do anything that feels like work or a chore

What does resetting look like for you? How does it make you feel? How do you reflect and prepare for the upcoming week?