Active August

August is jam-packed with family commitments, beginning of school, events, and meetings.  I recently had a minor, but painful health issue that came on suddenly too. After thinking about it, I knew dehydration was the cause. I was exercising consistently, running around,  not sleeping well, reaching for Cola, and increased my coffee intake from a grande to a venti, every morning.

TMI- I Know

I am very much in tuned with my body and knew something was wrong late Saturday night. Sunday, I started to self- treat by increasing my fluids, putting lemon in my water, rubbing oregano, frankincense, and On Guard on the bottom of my feet and abdomen, made a bladder bomb, applied the heating pad, consumed cranberry juice, and dashed to the store for AVO (urinary pain relief) because I was in pain. Mad pain!  After urinating, I noticed my urine was discolored from the AVO.  It was only then,  I decided to read the package in detail. I was curious about what caused the discoloration. I come across the State of CA warning, ……this may cause cancer. WTHeck!?  A simple OTC product has this warning sign on it and the red 40 stuff in it. I hate red 40. I stopped taking it.

Antibiotics or Essential Oils

I wrestled with treating holistically or conventionally. Sunday night I emailed my doctor, shared my symptoms, requested an antibiotic, just in case I didn’t catch it early enough. I diagnosed myself after experiencing this  over two decades ago.  Monday, I felt better, less pain and impressed with my EOs. I watched a movie while eating a handful of Dove chocolates.  I asked my husband to pick up the prescription, just in case (notice how many times I write, “just in case.”)

Tuesday morning I’m awakened early  from back pain, the urge came back strong, and the infection appeared to be traveling to my kidneys. Its dark in the house, I climb out of bed, go downstairs, take the pill, check to make sure its not amoxicillin (sometimes doctors make mistakes), drink some water, go potty, and try to rest. Bad mistake! I beame nauseous, had the chills, thought I was going to pass out, skin was clammy, just a hot mess! I could barely take Cooper to school. Note to self: take antibiotics with food.

Yes, my EOs helped with reducing the pain and possibly even helped reduce the bacteria. But, I think the chocolate made my symptoms worse the next day. I didn’t want the pain to get out of control, so I took the antibiotics.

Birthday Month

My birthday was low key, but nice. I’m so grateful for the many kind gestures and gifts  I received. I’m 42 and still get gifts. That’s pretty cool! My work BFF took me to lunch and gave me a waste trainer and key finder for the family.  She’s a great listener. There is a story behind the key finder. Another colleague blessed me with a special card with words written just for me, a cupcake from Freeport bakery (, and balloons. Her words meant alot. My administrators blessed me with candles from Bath and Body Works (BBW), rose facial spray, cucumber melon wipes, fancy wallet, and a bamboo plant. All the stuff I love! My husband took me out to eat at Urban Roots. I love a good BBQ spot. My son Johnny bought me BBW (candles and lotion). My daughter Charity bought me more BBW (candles), Body Shop (serum), and a $100.00 Torrid gift card, Elijah doesn’t celebrate birthdays, but his words of affirmation are enough! I love hearing him tell me, ” I love you, mom- give me a hug.” Cooper and Ontonio gifted me their time with massages. They are the sweetest. And all the kind words, well wishes from my FB friends and text messages mean so much! Am I bragging? Absolutely! Birthday celebrations mean alot to me. Its another year of life! It doesn’t cost anything to say a prayer for someone, to wish them well, or to say, Happy Birthday!


Today, I’m grateful for my health, thankful I can still turn it around. I’m grateful for my children. I was able to spend some time with my older boys, we talked about where God brought us from, our journey, our dreams,  and our struggles. We are overcomers.

Still Reading

The Sympathizer by Viet Thank Nguyen

Audible Listening

Sing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel by Jesmyn Ward

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